[QTVOTD] The only One that matters…

“Who are these who fly like a cloud, and like doves to their windows? Surely the isles and distant coastlands shall wait for and expect Me; and the ships of Tarshish [shall come] first, to bring your sons from afar, their silver and gold with them, for the name of the Lord your God, for the Holy One of Israel, because He has beautified and glorified you.” Isaiah 60:8-9 ->me: This passage is talking about those (repentant Jews and believing Gentiles) who will flock to Jerusalem. ‘Wait for and expect Me’ – Consciously or unconsciously, the world’s longings can find fulfillment only in the Holy One of Israel. They don’t come bearing wise insights; they come bearing silver and gold, gifts of submission, homage, and devotion to the name. They come to where the Truth is to be found, to the Lord Whose name encapsulates what He has revealed about Himself. In essence – It is ALL about Him. Today on the way home I was praying that the Lord would help me catch myself before telling a white lie or expanding on the truth…I then started to ask myself why I was asking for that…what makes me lie? I lie to bring better light upon myself…stinking PRIDE is the culprit! Dang it! I have been focusing on the wrong thing in my prayer. This passage reminds me that it is ALL about the One Who gave Himself for me, the One Who wants the best for me, the only One that matters.

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