[Day 11] A Study of 1 John

Top Level Notes for 1 John 2:27-29

  • Verse 27: Huge verse! As for those of us who have kept the Gospel in our hearts from the beginning->we have the Holy Spirit residing in us…therefore we don’t need anyone to instruct us. Everything we need is in Him and He is in us.
    • Because God now abides in us through the Holy Spirit, we can find all answers through Him and His word.
      • Jeremiah 31:34
      • John 6:45 & 16:13
    • The Anointing -> Giving of the Holy Spirit
    • Abides -> Live permanently in you.
    • You must abide in -> An active, minute by minute, effort to stay in close relationship and knowledge of God.
      • Being rooted in His word
      • Knit to Him
      • We do this but the exact word of God we are studying tells us to.
  • Verse 28: Once again John uses his term of endearment ‘little children’ to emphasize the reason we stick close to God through His word, prayer, and righteousness.
    • That we might be overjoyed and not dismayed or embarrassed when He returns.
    • That we will be able to run to Him in confidence and boldness that He has been the object of our affection and study. [Horrible analogy coming but all I could think of] Like getting to know someone as a pen pal for years, learning all of their likes and dislikes, and who they are and then finally getting to meet them. You know them without having seen them and so you run and hug them and connect immediately because seeing them face to face has not mattered.
  • Verse 29: If our faith is true and we have the deep internal knowledge that Jesus is the Son of God and came in flesh as a man to earth to live a perfect life and then die for the sins of the entire world -> then we will have the discernment to know those who are righteous and true believers in in the same. We will know by their heart in works and how they live their life that they live for the One Who purchased them from death.

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