[QTVOTD] Concentrate!!!

“For a dream comes with much business and painful effort, and a fool’s voice with many words.” Ecclesiastes 5:3 ->me:  This verse follows yesterday’s verse on being concise in your prayer and in reverence of Who God is.  Today’s verse caught me off guard because the first part about ‘dreaming’ is exactly what I do!!!! What the first part of this verse is saying is that it is likely that impatience in prayer can be due to a ‘multitude of business’ going on in one’s mind (causing daydreaming).  Heavy responsibility is going to hinder a person’s concentration and lead to impatience in prayer.  When I recognize this most, in my own life, is when I am driving home from work.  Usually I listen to a John Piper or Tony Evans sermon on the way into work and then ‘try’ and pray on the way home.  However, there are days (many) where I can’t concentrate on my prayer to save my life.  My mind keeps jumping to this and that; right in the middle of me praying.  I catch myself saying ‘Stop it, Ben!! Concentrate! Lord, please forgive me for not giving You my full attention.”  Moving forward I plan to swap these things around -> pray on the way to work and listen to a sermon on the way home.  This has the added benefit of saturating my mind at the beginning of the day, in communion with the Almighty, so that I can be prepared by putting on the full armor.

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