[Mexico Blog] An amazing build and then tacos.

I apologize for not posting last night but our access to internet is spotty which has made posting challenging. Our build set a record for team from Northside; we finished in under 6 hours. Jon Youngquist gave me the role of doing the key handing ceremony and it was tough (tears) but awesome at the same time. Teague said an amazing closing prayer and this wonderful single mom and her 3 kiddos have a new home. After a quick trip back to lodging to clean up headed to Tacos Manuel where I had the best street tacos in my life. This has been such a great experience for all of us and we have already seen God’s hand; more on that later. We are at breakfast now and after will head to Tijuana for a whole day of outreach and door to door evangelism. Please continue to pray for the team as we practice in hearts what we will say about our testimonies in our witnessing today. Also pray that the Lord will open the hearts and ears of the people who will hear His good news today.

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