[QTVOTD] Do I have reason to be persecuted?

I am home from my missions trip and back at it in Revelation Chapter 9, however [that’s not where the Lord had a word for me today]…what really hit me was an interesting thought from the Lord.  As I was standing in the line to board my plane today at Sky Harbor airport, I saw a group of Medonite women getting off the plane we were about to board.  They had on their typical white hair bonnets, dresses, and sensible shoes and it was clear that they stood out.  I know who they are and what they believe.  What came to my mind was the people in the time of Jesus; from what I know no one who followed Jesus dressed any different than those around them.  Everyone wore tunics, belts, sandals, and the like…maybe only differing in color.  So why were they persecuted?  I know why – because they taught, preached, worshipped, and witnessed openly.  Why am I not persecuted?  Because I don’t do anything to call attention to myself.  I guarantee you that the Medonite women I saw get strange looks and are probably treated differently because of the way they dress, yet they are not deterred.  Why am I deterred?  Am I ashamed of what God did for me?  Do I want to hold to myself all that God has given?  I better not.  I need to dress my speech and actions in such a way that I stand out as a follower of Jesus Christ and like the Medonite women, not be deterred in this no matter the looks and negative comments I might receive.

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