[QTVOTD] Sweet as well as bitter…

“Then the voice that I heard from heaven spoke again to me, saying, Go and take the little book (scroll) which is open on the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land.  So I went up to the angel and asked him to give me the little book. And he said to me, Take it and eat it. It will embitter your stomach, though in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey.” Revelation 10:8-9 ->me: This is the interlude between the 6th and 7th trumpets.  This vision of the mighty angel who is standing with his right foot on the sea and left foot on the land with a little scroll open in his hand.  3 things jump out at me in this passage. 1) The book is open.  2) Both the voice from heaven and the angel tell John to ‘TAKE’ the little book (scroll).  3) Upon eating the book it is bitter as well as sweet.  So lets take them one at a time.  First, what we NEED to know from God is open to us and in His word.  The authority of the bible covers the whole earth both land and sea.  Second, we must ‘take’ His word, it will not be shoved down our throats…we must take for ourselves what His plan is for Redemption.  We must make the contents of His Word completely our own.  Thirdly, when we consume God’s Word it not only refreshes our soul, brings us peace, and comfort but it also becomes a message of judgement and wrath on those who do not accept Jesus as His Son.  Both Jeremiah (Jer 15:16) and Ezekiel (Ezek 3:1-3) are told of the sweetness like Honey God’s Word but those passages are missing the bitterness spoken here.  The bible is concerned with message we must proclaim.  The more my heart is filled with the love of God, the more certain it is that the telling forth of ‘woes’ will be a bitter experience.

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