[QTVOTD] Complete and final judgement…

“So the angel swung his scythe on the earth and stripped the grapes and gathered the vintage from the vines of the earth and cast it into the huge winepress of God’s indignation and wrath and [the grapes in] the winepress were trodden outside the city, and blood poured from the winepress, [reaching] as high as horses’ bridles, for a distance of 1,600 stadia (about 200 miles).” Revelation 14:19-20 ->me:  The verse before describes the angel who called for the reaping as the angel in charge of fire and coming from the altar in the temple (sanctuary) of the Lord.  If we remember, the altar is where the prayers of the saints are offered up to God as a sweet aroma filling the temple and the Martyrs are situated at the base of this altar.  So, is it that big of a leap that this is God’s final answer to the prayers of the saints for justice?  Being a numbers guy the 1600 stadia is interesting – go with me for a second – 16 is the square of four (four is the number of the earth, the home of the wicked).  100 is the square of 10, a number of completeness.  1600 is also the square of 40 which is a number associated with punishment (40 days of rain for the flood | forty years in the wilderness).  So, blood stretching for 1600 stadia could stand for the complete judgement of the whole earth and the destruction of all the wicked.  Regardless, this is a solemn and scary final wrath of God on those who refuse Him.  My heart hurts for those who have not found our Savior.  This weekend especially, I am thankful for my salvation and if my prayers have the effect of bringing judgement they must also have the same power to petition God for the Salvation of those around me.  Today I plan to spend time in my prayer closet praying in thankfulness for what I have in the Lord and intercession for those around me who need Jesus.

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