[QTVOTD] A small opening is all that is needed…

“I also saw that the woman was drunk, [drunk] with the blood of the saints (God’s people) and the blood of the martyrs [who witnessed] for Jesus. And when I saw her, I was utterly amazed and wondered greatly.” Revelation 17:6 ->me:  This is so vivid of the brutality of the world in persecuting the Saints/Martyrs.  The fact that she was drunk means that the blood flowed freely and that the amount was great in quantity.  It also implies that she enjoyed the process.  When she persecuted the church she did not think of herself as performing a distasteful but necessary duty…She rejoiced in it as a drunkard rejoices in his wine.  So when we turn to entertain the ways of this world and the signals it so enjoyably sends our way to coax us in, the world stands ready to pounce, to slay without thought, and even out of enjoyment.  The world longs to consume and squash the spiritual lives of those Saints she is able to pull in, pull in with false doctrine, pull in with poor company/friends, pull in with demands of work, pull in with pornography and sex addiction.  This seems to paint a bleak picture for one who is caught up in her schemes…the amount of blood is so great it appears that few get away.  RUN AWAY BEN! Do not open yourself even a little bit; the speed and violence of her grip is true to even the smallest target!

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