[QTVOTD] Yes! I am victorious already!

“And He Who is seated on the throne said, See! I make all things new. Also He said, Record this, for these sayings are faithful (accurate, incorruptible, and trustworthy) and true (genuine).  And He [further] said to me, It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I [Myself] will give water without price from the fountain (springs) of the water of Life. He who is victorious shall inherit all these things, and I will be God to him and he shall be My son.” Revelation 21:5-7 ->me: Wrapped up in these 3 verses is the hope and rest we can find in our God.  First, He emphatically says “See! I make all things new!” – Our God is never wrong or hopeful, He knows exactly what will happen and His work is direct push to complete all that He said He will do.  Second, He is the Beginning and the End – There is nothing else that comes in between, nothing else that will steal away from His plan.  Third, He promises here that He WILL give abundantly and without grudge all the living water a person needs when they thirst for Him.  Unless a person feels the need, they will not feel the satisfaction.  Lastly, He says that the victorious will get all of these things…how am I victorious?…I am victorious through the Lord Jesus Christ Who has already conquered Death and Sin.  If Jesus is in me and I in Him then I am already victorious…I am already His son.  This verse also spoke to me today – 2 Corinthians 4:16.

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