[QTVOTD] Never replace your own time in God’s Word…

“And I, John, am he who heard and witnessed these things. And when I heard and saw them, I fell prostrate before the feet of the messenger (angel) who showed them to me, to worship him. But he said to me, Refrain! [You must not do that!] I am [only] a fellow servant along with yourself and with your brethren the prophets and with those who are mindful of and practice [the truths contained in] the messages of this book. Worship God!” Revelation 22:8-9 ->me: If you remember in 19:10 John had done this before so why would he do it again when he was so rebuked the angel from the last time?  John may be making it clear that he sees the attractiveness of worshipping heavenly beings but that it is forbidden.  We should not miss the importance of these words for an understanding of the proper dignity of the prophets.  They rank with angels as servants of God, but even the greatest of God’s servants is not to be worshipped.  Worship is reserved for God alone.  What comes to my mind is all the people to follow men versus the Lord their God.  Good Christians who put more stake in the words of a preacher than in their own reading of God’s word.  John Piper is awesome. Oswald Chambers is awesome.  Billy/Franklin Graham are awesome -> but they should never replace my study of God’s word for myself.  I should never replace my personal time in the bible for a sermon on a Podcast or devotional.

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