[QTVOTD] God’s awesome provision…

Ben’s CWGT – Today was a very busy day and my reading will come after I crawl into bed.  It is 12:31am Friday morning here in Virginia, and I just finished packing to head home at starting at 7am.  Today I had the opportunity to drive into town with a couple of DoD folks to get lunch for the rest of the team.  I had to go because there are strict rules about paying for even a coffee for a government official and I needed to cover our (6 of us Microsoft peeps) lunch costs.  Anywho…While on our way one of the guys (lets call him Jed) asked me whether I am married and have kids and of course this gave me the opportunity to tell our family story which includes Prim.  I cannot talk about these stories without talking about my relationship with the Lord, so I did.  Come to find out, Jed, is a Christian and we got to talking about all sorts of great stuff and it was so refreshing.  Jed is a real young guy who just got out of the Army Special Forces and has seen far more war than anyone should.  I could not get a pulse (spiritually) on the other gentleman with us (he has worked in US Embassies across the globe) but he is such a kind soul and we really get along well.  I needed some Christian body support today and the Lord blessed me with Jed.  When we got back to the post I let Jed know how much I appreciated him and I am hoping that maybe we can have him over for dinner or something when he is here next week.  God is so faithful and I so encouraged by this interaction today.  God is so good.

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