[QTVOTD] Heed the call…

“At once they left their nets and became His disciples [sided with His party and followed Him].” Matthew 4:20 ->me: Reading this beginning of Jesus’ ministry is very telling of the authority of Jesus to those who the Father has called to Himself. At one moment Peter and Andrew were fishing and at the next they had dropped what they were doing to follow Him. According to timelines this was not the first time they had met Jesus (John 1:35-42 and Luke 5:3) but it was the first time He had asked them to leave what they were doing an follow Him (what He asked them was literally ‘to come behind Me’). At the same time we know that the disciples did not leave their families (Matt 8:14 and John 21:3). This really spoke to me today. I think some people are caught up in the thinking that true devotion is to leave everyone behind when you follow Jesus and in this case that just was not true; however, they did come behind Jesus and devoted themselves to His teaching and ultimately took over His ministry by witnessing everyone they came in contact with, the power of His death and resurrection for the Salvation from sin. What is holding me back from answering God’s call at every moment? I have His teaching right here in front of my face in this amazing book. God has a call on my life, I am His, I must act by answering that call every day.

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