[QTVOTD] Its all about follow-through…

“And behold, a woman who had suffered from a flow of blood for twelve years came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His garment; For she kept saying to herself, If I only touch His garment, I shall be restored to health. Jesus turned around and, seeing her, He said, Take courage, daughter! Your faith has made you well. And at once the woman was restored to health.” Matthew 9:20-22 ->me: There are a couple of questions that stand out to me in today’s full quiet time passage (Matthew 9:18-26). I asked myself these 2 things: “What does it mean to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment today? What can I take away in application from this passage?”. 1) The woman had faith that should would be healed if she just touched Jesus’ cloak. 2) She was not deterred by many years of unsuccessful help in earthly healing or the throngs of people in her way. 3) She followed through by going all the way to physically touching his garment. Learning -> Faith and Intent are not enough for God’s hand in my life, He wants to see me follow-through. God did not intervene until Abraham was starting his downward thrust of the knife into Issac. The Lord is ready and willing, even when He is not looking (Jesus didn’t see her touch the hem of His cloak, but He did know that healing power had left Him) to miraculously act in my life but I must follow through; even when the act of faith is scary, embarrassing, or hard. Thank goodness I have the Holy Spirit to tell me what those actions are but I must be the one who does the work and completes the task He has shown me. I have several of these situations in my life right now! Thank you God for this encouragement to take my faith and intent forward into action; may the glory be entirely yours as I see your work in my life and in others as I apply this learning today.

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