[QTVOTD] Weeds and Wheat Part 1

Ben’s QT Thoughts (Part 1)->me:  The last two days I have spent time in 2 places – 1) Deep study into the parable of the Wheat and Darnel Weeds (Matthew 13:24-30) and Jesus’ explanation of the parable to the Disciples (Matthew 13:36-43).  2)  The start of the book Pastor Steve suggested – The Praying Life by Paul Miller.  What has been awesome is that what I am learning through book is helping me to hear the Lord in His gift of understanding regarding the passages I have been stewing on.  I cannot recommend this book enough.  I am already on chapter 8 and I can’t stop listening.  I am applying what Paul Miller suggests in the ways to pray and it is already having an impact.  The passage on the Wheat and Weeds is one of the great times where Jesus clearly explains the parable.  In a nut shell, A sower planted good wheat seeds and while the workers were sleeping, the enemy planted weeds among the good wheat seed.  The weed seed (Darnel) was very similar in appearance to the wheat while growing but still discernable.  The workers wanted to pull the weeds but the sower said ‘no’, because some good wheat might be uprooted when pulling the weeds.  The sower said, ‘Wait until the harvest and then I will tell my reapers to gather the  weeds up first and toss them into the fire and then gather the good wheat into my storehouse.’  Part 2 will come this afternoon.

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