QTVOTD: Conformed inside -> outward…

“So brace up your minds; be sober (circumspect, morally alert); set your hope wholly and unchangeably on the grace (divine favor) that is coming to you when Jesus Christ (the Messiah) is revealed.  For it is written, You shall be holy, for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:13 & 16 [AMP] ->me: “You shall be holy” is a command, not an option.  This tells me that my holiness is in direct relationship to my closeness and fellowship with my Savior.  Verse 13 starts with “So..” because it follows the verses from yesterday; about the blessing and glories we have through our Salvation -> we are new creatures, a true conversion is a change of the heart.  What I see the Lord saying through Peter is that our outward behavior MUST follow the change in our hearts or we will conform to the evil desires of our flesh; the heart condition we had before our Salvation—Um, that’s a little scary.  Now that I am in Christ and He is in me, I must reinforce my mind, always vigilant about the attacks from the evil one, and not be consumed with the aspects of this foreign land under the sun. I must continually keep my mind, actions, and hope focused on the life and favor to come when I meet my King in either the Sky (when He gloriously appears) or Heaven (if I am taken home before comes).

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