QTVOTD: An attitude to adjust to…

“In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus” Philippians 2:5 -> me: The verses that follow are very well known (Phil 2:6-11).  Here is what I am taking away from that passage, in how my attitude needs to adjust. Verse 6 -> I should not focus on who I can be but on who God is through me.  Verse 7 -> remember the sinner I am and that I am less deserving of any grace than anyone else around me. Verse 8 -> I need to be driven to the goal of crucifying my sin everyday…dying to myself and my own motives.  Verse 9 -> My worth is in Jesus Who has been exalted to the ‘highest place’.  It is for Him that I do all that I do.  Verse 10 -> My knee goes to the ground in front of My Savior everyday.  Acknowledgement of Jesus as the king of my life.  Verse 11 -> I must be vocal about my allegiance to Jesus Christ.  My ‘mouth’ must confess Him as Lord so that if I am accused as a follower of His, I can easily be convicted.

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