QTVOTD: The weight of discipline…

“You have rejected me, declares the LORD; you keep going backward, so I have stretched out my hand against you and destroyed you— I am weary of relenting.” Jeremiah 15:6 -> me: My reading today was Jeremiah 15:1-9…Here we see an Old Testament example of church discipline played out.  When the Jews continued in their rejection of the Lord, continued their backsliding, and refused to change their ways; they are released to an existence without the intervening hand of God.  He even says “Send them from My presence, Let them go!”.  This scares me for those that continue in habitual sin where church discipline is required.  The removal of God’s hand from your life allows the evil one an open door to further deceive and destroy.  Super scary.  Jeremiah does speak of hope for the Jews but only in the context of recognizing sin and guilt.  My life application takeaway from today is to keep this ‘removal of God’s hand’ in mind when the church is pushed to exercise church discipline.  The weight church leadership bears in the execution of this process is heavy (the entire process is structured to bring the wayward soul back into reconciliation with God and the church body) is heavy and should be done with reverence and prayer seeking first, then executing God’s will according to His word.

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