QTVOTD: My holy place of prayer is anywhere…

“I desire then that in every place the men should pray, lifting holy hands without anger or quarreling;” 1 Timothy 2:8 -> me: Today’s passage was 1 Timothy 2:1-8.  Paul really moves into the meat of this epistle to instruct Timothy in ways of Pastoral-ship.  He starts with the importance that we should pray for everyone.  The wide the subjects of our prayer time the larger our vision becomes.  He then tells Timothy to pray for leaders and people in places of influence.  It is easy for us to leave out city, state, national, and world leaders in our prayer life but Paul tells us that praying for these can bring peaceable living and an undisturbed life…well, that is definitely not what we have now but praying for our leaders is no less important as it is a way that we Christians can have a part in the movement of God’s hand across a nation and world.  As we pray we develop godliness, reverence, and seriousness (holiness) and in stressful times like now these can be intensified.  Ultimately our goal as Christians, in fellowship with Christ, is to do things that please God – in our prayer, worship, and service…not to earn our salvation or God’s love (not possible) but to put a smile on His face when He looks in our direction and sees His Son’s reflection in ours.  The holy place of prayer is anywhere we are as long as we have the right attitude of mind, pure actions, and pure motives; these are essential in Christian worship. 

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