QTVOTD: Don’t be flippant with you Christian walk…

“Inquire, I pray you, of the Lord for us, for Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon is making war against us. Perhaps the Lord will deal with us according to all His wonderful works, forcing him to withdraw from us.” Jeremiah 21:2 [AMP] This is Zedekiah asking Jeremiah to tell God to ignore all of the rebellion of Judah and yet pull out some of the miracles to shoo away the Babylonians. This sounds like a way that I can be with the Lord. This can be those times in my life where I am not following God closely and pursuing Him but then I stop and ask God to answer a prayer for something I want or need. Feels so foolish, just like the foolishness I see here in Zedekiah’s request. The result here with Judah is that God informs Zedekiah the way that He is going come into the gates of Jerusalem and inflict the inhabitants with a plague with His own hand to soften them up for the Babylonians to take them easily. Super scary…makes me think twice about being flippant with my Christian walk.

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