QTVOTD: Caught off guard…

24th (Day 56) Psalm 22…Yes, the whole Psalm.

Today I am thankful for my Salvation because for a moment I thought I had lost it being probably the only professing Christian to not totally internalize that Psalm 22 is a depiction of the Cross.  There are direct quotes from this Psalm that Jesus spoke in His Passion; and there multiple places that iterate specific accounts of things that happened during the crucifixion (like casting of lots for Jesus’ clothes).  Think about this for a moment…David had a Psalm written roughly 1000 years before Jesus walked the earth that prophesies the playing out of the details of the cross.  How can Jews, who know and love King David so much, not see the crazy symmetry here?  Do they think that Jesus manufactured everything?  Do they think that Jesus paid off the Roman soldiers to gamble over His clothes?  I am so thankful that Jesus came, lived a perfect life, and then chose to give it for MY sin so that He could spend the rest of eternity with me…”for the joy set before Him” Hebrews 12:2.

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