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Nice.Quiet.Day – I worked about six hours and spent a lot of time doing things other than work for a change. It was relaxing and invigorating all at the same time. Thank you, Lord, for a nice quiet day to recharge and rest.

11 Our mouth is open to you, Corinthians [we are hiding nothing, keeping nothing back], and our heart is expanded wide [for you]!
12 There is no lack of room for you in [our hearts], but you lack room in your own affections [for us].
13 By way of return then, do this for me—I speak as to children—open wide your hearts also [to us]. 2 Corinthians 6:11-13 [AMP]

First Paul says that he is speaking with ‘candor’ to the Corinthians and not only that, but there is also an investment in Paul’s and his companions’ hearts for the church at Corinth.

The Corinthians lacking room in their own hearts means that there has been a narrowing of the space allowed for their apostle…likely because they have allowed the criticisms leveled against Paul to restrict the breadth of room they have in their hearts for him.

Paul, then talking as though he was talking to his own children, beseeches the Corinthians for reciprocal affection.


There will be times in my ministry that my love for another may be greater than that returned to me. I can hear Paul’s pleading in his heart for this to be different. I wonder how I, a Christ Follower that is not even in the same league as Paul, can make movement here. God is the one who can move and change the heart…it becomes an aspect of my prayer life, treating others with respect, and living righteously that must be enough. IN Christ I am seen by the Father as justified and without blemish because of His Son. That is where I rest my identity, trust, and worth.

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