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I have been meaning to do this for a while but time just keeps getting away from me. I have been through varying KETO diets cycles and each time I add more and more ‘found’ items to the list of things that help me stay on track. Things that appease my sweet tooth, snacks, and lunch items.

I also need to do a writeup on my experience with KETO, why it has worked for me, and what kind of results I have come to expect. There are so many people I talk to about KETO that are starting at ‘Square One’ and ask me what they can eat. So, here goes an initial compilation of my favorite KETO friendly items.

<FULL TRANSPARENCY> A note on the Product Links below – these are links to Amazon are legit links to the product pages and if you complete your purchase from this link, I make a small amount from the purchase price which is the same price as if you did not use my link. I will get a gift card with my earnings (if any) on a monthly frequency. I commit to giving 100% of these earnings away to those who are in need…likely through our Helps Ministry at church.

KETOSCAN Breath Meter

Hands down the best Ketosis meter I have found. Measures actual ketone parts per million in your breath.

Mauna Loa Premium Onio and Garlic Macadamia Nuts

These are very yummy – Macadamia Nuts are great KETO snacks.

Atkins Lemon Bars

At 3 net grams of Carbs, this is a not only a reasonable hunger stopper but also very tasty.

KETO Gummie Bears

Lets be clear – these are not the ‘best’ gummies but as a sweet tooth pacifier, they do the trick.

Atkins Pecan Caramel Clusters

This link takes you to a page where you can 6 boxes of 10 clusters each so you might want to look for these in your local supermarket.

Vlasic Snack Mini Dills

These are awesome for including in your carry lunch.

Monk Fruit Sweetner

There is also an off-brand option at Costco that is good too – mixture of Monk Fruit and Erythritol.

Lily’s Chocolate

This is a 12 pack link at Amazon. You can also find this in the ‘Chocolate Section’ at most grocery stores. Lily’s is committed to low carb chocolate options. The Extra Dark Chocolate versions have least amount of carbs.

Columbus Italian Dry Salame

(No link for this one but you can get a 32oz pack of this stuff at Costco.)

Beechers Flagship Cheese Sticks

(No link but can be found in multi-packs at Costco.)

Ketologic KETO MEAL (Vanilla)

No link for this one but I got it at Costco. Can also get it at GNC. Good shake for a quick start to your day.

Beef and Vegetable Broths are really good warm/hot sips. This is a great way to kickstart your KETO diet.

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