QTVOTD: New Learning and a Little Something for all the Women in My Life…

​ NOW IT occurred that while the people pressed upon Jesus to hear the message of God, He was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret (Sea of Galilee).
   And He saw two boats drawn up by the lake, but the fishermen had gone down from them and were washing their nets.
   And getting into one of the boats, [the one] that belonged to Simon (Peter), He requested him to draw away a little from the shore. Then He sat down and continued to teach the crowd [of people] from the boat. Luke 5:1-3 [AMP]

Getting my QT in while Brooklyn is sleeping, Prim is watching an American Girl movie, Sophie is surfing on her phone (likely Roblox), and Bella and Marianne at the flower shop getting flowers for all to help plant this evening.

When reading my passage today, a couple of things hit me that I had not really realized before about the set of events leading up to Jesus calling His first disciples.

  1. I had always thought that the first time Jesus met Peter, Andrew, James, and John was here at the ‘Great Catch’ moment when Jesus chose Peter’s boat to get into to have a better angle and platform to speak to the mass of people who came to hear Him teach. However, I now remember here in my reading that Jesus had come to Peter’s house where He had healed his mother-in-law of her fever; and it was after this that He healed all the people that came all the way into and likely through the night. So, when He chose Peter’s boat to teach from, it was not necessarily coincidence (I know that nothing with God is coincidence by the way 🙂 ).
  2. From the way this reads here in Luke, Jesus was in the boat when Peter made his haul. I had always thought that Jesus was on the shore when He asked them to do this.

Tomorrow I will be focusing on the rest of the story of the direction of Peter to go out into deeper water to fish (even though they had a very unfruitful night of fishing already).

I am so thankful for all the Moms in my life! My mom Becky of course but also my wife Marianne, my mother in-law Dianne, the grandmothers, and aunts. So very thankful for all that mother is to not only her children but also to everyone around her. Honestly, I feel a deep respect for women when it comes to today…because even those who have not necessarily had the blessing of bearing children, every woman of God I have known ‘Mothers’ those around her in service, love, wisdom, guidance, and thoughtfulness. So grateful for all of you women in my life!!

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