QTVOTD: A Hot Minute…

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last post. Although some of the days that first week (week before going to Mexico) I had some time to be in God’s Word, I did not have time to write a post up on it. Then the week in Mexico with the Middle School Ministry (74 of us), I was quickly running from reading God’s Word to facilitating ministry. It is good to be back here at home…in fact Marianne said I feel asleep in mid-sentence last night….Ha!

The whole crew on Beach Day in Rosarito.

On of the things we did was a “Put On” and “Take Off” exercise in which we prayed about and left something in Mexico that the Lord was convicting us of and then commit to something we were going to “Put On” as we come back home. The way we symbolized this was to write our “Take Off” item on a piece of wood and throw it into the fire and then we took the thing we were going to “Put On” and wrote it on a jar of dirt taken from the House Build site. Mine are below.

TAKE OFF -> Earthly Mindset

The mindset that spends time on the here and now versus investing in the building of God’s Kingdom.

PUT ON -> Eternity Focus

Turning my focus to the things that matter in the hope of eternity and the actions, thoughts, and intentions that contribute to God’s will and purposed for me in the context of Eternity.

There is more to come today but just wanted to get back into the swing of sharing each day.

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