[MSM Mexico] Day five complete

Today was a BIG day! It was the key dedication ceremony to family we have building the house for and it proved to be very emotional. I was a video taper and was pretty much in the thick of the emotion the whole time. What an honor it was to be a part of God impacting not only this family but the whole community we came into contact with. We ended the day with trip to the local church we support for a nice meal and fellowship. It is pretty incredible how many different experiences we all have gotten in a short week.

Day five re cap video.

[MSM Mexico] Day four complete

Bella and I have been on separate sites for the week and so we have gotten to have our own experiences. One of the benefits of this is that I have gotten to know more of the middle schoolers at Canyon Hills. Today, however, Bella and I were able to work the House Build together. I helped manage the staining of trim, touching up house painting, and cleaning drywall mud trowels and pans. This evening I also made a store run to WallMart and Home Depot to get supplies with Mr Lucke and Mr See. God is really starting to work in the hearts of everyone here and it is so exciting to watch the hearts of the kids change.

Day 4 wrap up video.

[MSM Mexico] Day three complete

One of the most awesome things about working with Yugo Ministries is that we get Chapel both in the morning and at night; filled with worship and message. Every chapel we had a different speaker and they were all great! Each one spoke a message centered around the theme of ‘Love is…’. For the kids (and adults) who attended this mission, every day was filled with not only an outpouring of love on the Mexican people but also an infilling of spiritual truth. Such an awesome experience!

Day three wrap up video.

[MSM Mexico] Day two complete

Today was our first day on the house build all together to get things started off right by praying with the family and asking for God’s blessing in our work. All in all we have 4 teams of boys and 4 teams of girls. 1 boy team and 1 girl team worked at the ‘House Build’ each day and then the other teams would be working 2 separate other sites where we did roof repairs and repainting…getting to know and love on 2 additional families. Our site was a pretty substantial roof repair and we had the excitement of one of the boys stepping through a couple of rafters and breaking through the drywall ceiling! Whoops! We ordered a couple of sheets of drywall and all was ok, no one was hurt…only embarrassed. 🙂

Day two wrap up video.

[MSM Mexico] Day one complete…

Well the day finally came to end. We had the 2.5 hour drive from San Diego to Ensenada with only a slight hitch at the border. The 6 vans made it safely to the Yugo Ministries complex and we all got adjusted into our accommodations, ate a great dinner, met the family we are building the house for, and had a great time of worship at chapel complete with devotions before bed. Everyone is in their rooms and settling down. We are ready for tomorrow and the Yugo staff has nicely put tomorrow’s schedule on the white board for us (We are the BLUE Team). More to come tomorrow.

Recap Video of Sunday’s Travels.

[MSM Mexico] In Mexico

We stopped for a bite to eat and supplies in Chula Vista. We had a short 45 minute delay at the border for 2 of the 6 vans to get X-Rayed. We got to meet people coming from a church in Moorpark, CA who are coming to YUGO as well. Nice time of fellowship while we waited. We are now on our way to our final destination -> Ensenada

[MSM Mexico] On the plane!

Bella and I left the house at 3:00am this morning! All 63 of us are on the plane now and we are ready to go! May God go before us and pave the way in our hearts to be a light unto Him!