QTVOTD: A heartfelt lament…

“I have not run away from being your shepherd, nor have I desired the day of sickness. You know what came out of my lips; it was before your face. Be not a terror to me; you are my refuge in the day of disaster.” Jeremiah 17:16-17 [ESV] -> me: Today I am back in Jeremiah after a good stint going through ‘The Pastorals’.  As I was reading this evening, these 2 verses jumped out at me.  Jeremiah was in a tough situation.  God had called him to be the single voice calling out for Judah to repent.  This is a great example of a lament.  It might sound like complaining but what Jeremiah says in verse 17 really brings home what is going on here…he feels like a failure but he laments that he has done everything God has asked him yet the people do not hear or receive what he has said.  Then Jeremiah follows this up with ‘Don’t be a terror to me, for You are my refuge in disaster’.  Jeremiah loves the Lord and leans into Him for his safety but he feels like he is letting the Lord down.  I just love the heart of this because it can be how I feel when a ‘witness opportunity’ goes awry.  God is ‘my’ refuge but I sometimes I feel like a failure in what He has called me to do.  Jeremiah’s prayer to God is an encouragement to stay true and steadfast but also to feel comfortable to tell God how I feel.  This was the case this morning when I led the church in prayer in first service.  I really botched it up and rushed it…but God was faithful to give me the courage in second services and give me His strength to communicate more thoroughly and in a way that allowed the congregation to participate.

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