[Mexico Blog] …and we’re through!

Super happy to be across the border and in the US. 2 hours and 45 minutes was our wait. We were able to get out and walk a bit as the van poked along. Didn’t have to fend off the onslaught of vendors too badly. 🙂 We Will now grab some lunch before heading to the airport.

[Mexico Blog] Heading to the border.

Everyone is anxious about the border wait time but we are excited to be on our way home. To be safe, we elected to forgo the morning church service to get a jump on time for those of us driving to Phoenix and to ensure we have enough time for the rest to make their flight. Satan attempted to discourage us with a strange encounter and threats from a lady at the church because we couldn’t break her 500 peso bill. Our joy about what God has done in and through us will not be deterred. A piece of our hearts will be left here with the wonderful people and BCM here in Rosarito. Will update again when we cross.


[Mexico Blog] Iglesia Bautista Roca Fuerte

There is too much to write about for the evangelism in Tijuana we did so I will save that for a different post. This evening we are doing a hotdog feed for the community surrounding the church here that Pastor Carlos serves at with his family. We are overwhelmed with not only God’s movement here in the area but also so encouraged in our own walk. To God be all the Glory!!

[Mexico Blog] An amazing build and then tacos.

I apologize for not posting last night but our access to internet is spotty which has made posting challenging. Our build set a record for team from Northside; we finished in under 6 hours. Jon Youngquist gave me the role of doing the key handing ceremony and it was tough (tears) but awesome at the same time. Teague said an amazing closing prayer and this wonderful single mom and her 3 kiddos have a new home. After a quick trip back to lodging to clean up headed to Tacos Manuel where I had the best street tacos in my life. This has been such a great experience for all of us and we have already seen God’s hand; more on that later. We are at breakfast now and after will head to Tijuana for a whole day of outreach and door to door evangelism. Please continue to pray for the team as we practice in hearts what we will say about our testimonies in our witnessing today. Also pray that the Lord will open the hearts and ears of the people who will hear His good news today.

[Mexico Blog] Killing it!

It’s lunchtime and we are about 80% done with the house! The roof is done, windows are in, and we are now trimming, mudding, and taping. It is hot!!! It’s 91 degrees but everyone is in good spirits. I am anxious to see the drone footage we got. When the build goes this quick we get to spend extra time making the house as nice as possible. Carmen (single mom) and Brenda (daughter) have been helping to paint and many other activities. Carmen’s other two children are in school until this afternoon. More this evening.


[Mexico Blog] Build day starts with pancakes.

We all got what sleep we could (some better than others) and got up to get to breakfast at Pancake Republic. Jon Youngquist and his crew (BCM folks) as well as Chuck met us there. First thing….COFFEE! The picture of the beach is the view from our balcony at Las Olas.

Todd looks anxious.