QTVOTD: Reconnecting with a dear family friend…

Today I was able to meet with a dear friend (Marie) and her husband (Jerry). I served with Marie’s first husband Jorge (he was my boss at my first duty station and then we went to Okinawa together); he died of a sudden stroke in his mid 40’s in 2010. It was devastating to Marie and her family. The Lord provided her Jerry several years later. Marianne, Bella, Sophie, and Prim were able to meet Marie several years ago in California; since, Marie has moved to Lynchburg just an hour away from where I have been working this week….so Marie, Jerry, and I met for dinner tonight and I was able to share God’s love with her and encourage her; she still struggles with the loss of Jorge. God reminded me today that He can use you anywhere you are when you allow yourself to be used by Him. Being in God’s word helped me see what Marie needed tonight….and I needed it too.

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