QTVOTD: In Jesus’ own timing…

Passage: John 7:1-9

Jesus avoided real physical danger [John 7:1]:
Jesus knew the Jewish leaders were trying to find ways to kill Jesus. Jesus was following the plan of His Father which is the Redemption plan. Going somewhere He new to be trouble was not the right decision to support His Fathers plan.
TAKEAWAY -> When we know what the Lord has called us to do, we make decisions that support that plan. We make choices that do not put us in a situation that could threaten that plan.

Jesus’ own brothers tried to bring honor to the family through Jesus’ fame. [John 7:3-5]:
This happens right after Jesus lost so many followers due to His “Bread of Life” message that turned so many of the followers away. His brother’s although they did not believe He was the Messiah, did still want to leverage the popularity of Jesus to bring honor to the family name; which was a big deal during those times. At the end of the day, the motives of Jesus’ brothers was not to protect Jesus but to bring themselves more prideful attention.
TAKEAWAY -> Do not use Jesus for any thing. Jesus has paid the ultimate price for my salvation and His word and message of instruction are only to provide what is best for me. Jesus did not come to everything to all people; He came to shed light on the evil ways of the world and to share the hope of God through Himself.

Jesus does things in His own timeframe. [John 7:6-9]:
Jesus tells His brothers that it is not yet the appropriate time for Him to go. He uses the word Kairos versus the work Hora to define time. Kairos leads us to believe that Jesus was saying that the festival’s start and completion time was not in play. However, it is thought that one of the reasons Jesus did not go is because He knew the Jewish leaders would be waiting because they would assume that Jesus would be there at the start. Instead, Jesus did end up going but not until after the festival had started.
TAKEAWAY -> Jesus told His brothers that they could go anytime they wanted because they had nothing to fear. We need to keep our Kingdom at the front of our Christian Worldview mindset. What might seem right timing in the world’s eyes may not be the timing of what facilitates the growth of God’s Kingdom.

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