QTVOTD: Loins Girded and Lamps Burning…

Yesterday we flew back from Georgia after dropping off and saying goodbye to our oldest Bella for her 9-month missions’ trip around the world with Worldrace. Of the 44 people going, Bella is joined by 4 of her classmates from her Senior class who are also doing this for their Gap Year. It was a special treat to spend time with the 4 families that were there with us. What a huge support it was and will be as we have our own journey of sending these precious kids of ours off. (That’s right, for the next 6 weeks Bella and the rest of the ‘Racers’ will be living in tents.

My quiet time today was on Luke 12:35-40. Jesus is talking to the disciples about ‘being ready’. He uses that imagery of servants waiting for their master to return from a wedding celebration where they are ready to open his door and serve him when he returns. As you read in my Post Title today, Jesus says, “Keep your loins girded and your lamps burning.”.

Loins being girded denotes the aspect of preparedness. In the eastern cultures of that day, you would do this so you could work or fight. The graphic below is the best one I could find in short order. Step 6 could also be stuffing the extra material in the belt versus tying it together.

The reason this is important is because Jesus is saying that we must be in a posture that is ready for action. We must have our hearts and minds prepared for the arrival of our Savior. Not only that but we must have our ‘lamps burning’. Many times, our testimony is talked about as a lamp to the world; being a light in the darkness. So, we are to be ready and a lamp to the world when Jesus comes. Jesus then also tells us that when the master comes and finds his servants this way (prepared and lamps burning), he turns the tables and serves them. This unexpected twist cannot be taken from life but is something extra provided for God’s people. But then the reward of God’s people is never commonplace: it is always the unexpected.

For who is the greater, the one who reclines at table (the master), or the one who serves? Is it not the one who reclines at table? But I am in your midst as One Who serves.

Luke 22:27 [AMP]

One of the things I have heard in the past and heard it again this weekend is that God’s Character makes Him predictable…but, when God acts it is very unpredictable. I would also say that the ways that God’s bestows earthly rewards/blessings are unpredictable as well.


I must be ready. One of the biggest helps I have on staying on the right path and living an upright life is that I would be mortified if I was both unprepared and sinning the moment the Lord returned. I don’t know the moment He will come back but I want to be living a life of Christ-Following-Action and my lamp lit when I see His face coming through the clouds on that day.

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