[QTVOTD] Expectation with Trust

“My rightness and justice are near, My salvation is going forth, and My arms shall rule the peoples; the islands shall wait for and expect Me, and on My arm shall they trust and wait with hope.” Isaiah 51:5 ->me: On the human side – righteousness is the conformity to the revealed character and claims of the Lord; the mark of His genuine people. On the divine side – righteousness is the quality and standard of all that the Lord does, for His Servant (Jesus), or what the Servant does. Salvation is what the Lord does and righteousness is the quality which infuses it…His saving work satisfies His righteous requirements. Through the Servant (Jesus) – My [the Lord’s] Arm – life will become life indeed (John 10:10). I wait for and expect the Father; in the mean time I trust in and wait with hope in the strength of Jesus.

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