[QTVOTD] Only God…All the time.

“[Zion now cries to the Lord, the God of Israel] Awake, awake, put on strength and might, O arm of the Lord; awake, as in the ancient days, as in the generations of long ago. Was it not You Who cut Rahab [Egypt] in pieces, Who pierced the dragon [symbol of Egypt]?” Isaiah 51:9 ->me: God’s people cry out to their God – and their God responds. All God desires is that we depend on Him as our God. The children of Israel had this impression that God had gone to sleep on His promises to them while they were in Babylonian captivity. Through my reading I get the sense that God is somewhat angered and overjoyed at the same time when His children cry out to Him in desperation. Angry because He knows that if they just followed and sought Him for everything everyday, they would have all that they need…He knows that He is what is best for them. If I only committed myself to God as much as He has committed Himself to me I might see what it is like to live with an almighty God sitting right by my side, acting proactively because we are connected through my dedication and daily dependence on Him. When I fall into only the scope of my own life, it will seem that God will pull away into the shadows waiting for me to realize I need Him. The Lord allows me to go through trials to chasten me to Him. He is always there to receive me when I come to Him. If I really want blessing then I will work to glorify Him and seek Him in all that I do.

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