[QTVOTD] A Solitary Duty…

“By oppression and judgment He was taken away; and as for His generation, who among them considered that He was cut off out of the land of the living [stricken to His death] for the transgression of my [Isaiah’s] people, to whom the stroke was due?” Isaiah 53:8 ->me: Reading the beginning of this verse I can’t help but that judgement was used oppressively to take Jesus into custody; not sure if that is what it means or not but seems prudent to be used that why since Jesus didn’t do anything wrong. The next part about His generation is about the extra pain that Jesus endured through the suffering with a lack of sympathetic understanding from those around Him; He was alone in His purpose. ‘Cut off’ – is a violent verb in Hebrew meaning to ‘Hack off’, like you would with a machete. ‘From the land of the living’ – if the verb ‘cut off’ wasn’t enough to indicate the Servant was done to death, these additional words demand it. Once again, this verse ends with the idea of submission being fundamental. The aloneness is the part of this passage that grips my heart. Jesus was so alone in what He was doing – the plan, will, and purpose of the Father would be done through Christ but He did it alone and very few people grasped the eternal ramifications of what was happening.

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