[QTVOTD] Like a repentant child…

“For a brief moment I forsook you, but with great compassion and mercy I will gather you [to Me] again. In a little burst of wrath I hid My face from you for a moment, but with age-enduring love and kindness I will have compassion and mercy on you, says the Lord, your Redeemer.” Isaiah 54:7-8 ->me: Reading this makes me ponder on how thankful I am of the price Jesus paid on the cross for me. My God never turns His face from me because the ultimate sacrifice has been made. However, my sin still separates me from Him. This is the reason why sin is like bereavement and desertion, because it alienates the Holy One and there is a sense of loss. I usually pray in my car on my way home from work; on days where I know I went against the nudging of the Holy Spirit, I will sit in my car silent and not engage My Father, because of my shame and guilt; feeling unworthy. But because of the work of Jesus, My God does not see my sin, He sees His Son, and it is only me at that point hiding my face from His. He patiently waits until I spring from my place of hiding into His cloak like a little child sorry for disappointing their parent…and He is there ready to pull me in as I blurt out my true repentance.

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