[QTVOTD] Stay true and do not fall…

“Our holy and our beautiful house, [the temple] where our fathers praised You, is burned with fire, and all our pleasant and desirable places are in ruins. Considering these [calamities], will You restrain Yourself, O Lord [and not come to our aid]? Will You keep silent and not command our deliverance but humble and afflict us exceedingly?” Isaiah 64:11-12 This heartfelt prayer of God’s people is moving. All of their comforts are gone and the places they relaxed are destroyed. The temple is burned to the ground. With one word the Lord could put a stop to their suffering and deliver them but is His intent to humble, afflict, and punish them exceedingly? They are hard pressed, asking the Lord for mercy. They are not telling God not to rebuke them but to just relent in His displeasure. How few of us call upon the Lord with our whole hearts , or stir ourselves to lay hold upon Him! God may delay for a time to answer our prayers, but He will, in the end, answer those who call on His name and hope in mercy. I think that God allows trial in our lives to teach us humility and that ultimately He is in control. Lord help me to remember to pray for your wisdom and understanding to know what you are trying to teach me in my times of trial; help me to lean entirely on You. Help me to remember what I have learned in Isaiah about the belligerence of Your people and allow your Holy Spirit to give me the conscience to see when I am walking the wrong way…the way to displeasing You.

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