[QTVOTD] Seek, Inquire, and Require..

“And [the plain of] Sharon shall be a pasture and fold for flocks, and the Valley of Achor a place for herds to lie down, for My people who seek Me, inquire of Me, and require Me [by right of their necessity and by right of My invitation].” Isaiah 65:10 ->me: The Plain of Sharon – speaks of deterioration and renewal. The Valley of Achor – speaks of a bright beginning marred by disobedience. Achan sinned against the Lord by taking spoil (which was forbidden) from the enemies the Israelites had conquered. In order to keep the Lord from punishing the nation Joshua gathered up Achan and his entire family as well as belongings and dropped them into the Valley of Achor. This verse says that the herds will lie down in Valley reclaiming peace and the people will reap forgiveness and God’s rest. What is the requirement? To run after God (seek), to pray to Him (inquire), and lean on the Lord for everything (require)…for I have been invited by Him and I accept! Marianne’s quiet time was on the meek inheriting the earth and her conclusion is that meekness is gained by seeing yourself against the greatness, glory, and majesty that is our God. I must pursue this meekness by putting into practice the seeking, inquiring, and requiring mentioned in this verse. [Valley of Achor pictured in header]

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