[QTVOTD] Genuine faith…

“[And this He will do] provided that you continue to stay with and in the faith [in Christ], well-grounded and settled and steadfast, not shifting or moving away from the hope [which rests on and is inspired by] the glad tidings (the Gospel)” Colossians 1:23a ->me: ‘and this He will do’ -> Jesus will reconcile us to God in the body of His flesh through death…so that He can present us holy and faultless in the Father’s presence. ‘Stay with and in the faith’ – True Christian faith is the beginning of a life which, given by God, will be brought to completion be Him (Philippians 1:6). Genuine faith is seen in patient and steadfast day-to-day Christian living, while counterfeit faith, so hard in its early stages to distinguish from the real thing, withers and dies. God’s point of view is that genuine faith is assured of continuing to the end…while the human view is that Christians discover whether their faith is of the genuine sort only by patient perseverance, encouraged by the Christian hope of eternity with our Savior.

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