[QTVOTD] FOLLOWERS – Become one and then make many.

“Him [Jesus] we preach and proclaim, warning and admonishing everyone and instructing everyone in all [spiritual] wisdom (comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God), that we may present every person mature (full-grown, fully initiated, complete, and perfect) in Christ (the Anointed One). For this I labor [unto weariness], striving with all the superhuman energy which He so mightily enkindles and works within me.” Colossians 1:28-29 ->me: PREACH, PROCLAIM, WARN, ADMONISH, and INSTRUCT EVERYONE…IN ALL SPIRITUAL WISDOM. Why….so that EVERY PERSON will be presentable as a fully-grown follower IN CHRIST. This last part is the fruit, Paul does not mention any other outcome. This is my goal…not only to become a mature believer IN CHRIST but to be used by God to preach and proclaim His Son.

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