[QTEOTD] His presence is everything…

Today there is not a verse but an Experience Of The Day. My time with the Lord today was spent on a 4 mile walk. I spent the first 20 minutes or so praying to the Lord to open my eyes and ears to His will in regards to my family’s time and money. Today was the first time in several months that I felt His presence, very real, in my walk with Him. I have stayed consistent and true to my quiet times learning from His word but today, through prayer and listening, I was blessed to feel that undeniable hand in my life and strong voice today. I cannot stress more how important it is to confess your sin and repent before seeking presence with the Almighty. He is so gracious in His forgiveness but we must acknowledge our shortcomings. I feel so close to the Father during times like today; this is what a relationship with the Lord is all about.

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