[Day 15] A Study of 1 John

Top Level Notes for 1 John 3:11-15

Verse 11: The message from the beginning -> LOVE ONE ANOTHER

  • When we love one another there is no room for sinning against each other.
  • This is speaking about loving our brethren in Christ, the children of the same family of God; of whom we have been born again.

Verse 12: Once again John contrasts belonging to the evil one or the One True God. 1 John 3:8 and 1 John 3:10

  • Envy and hatred produce murder. This is why John says ‘and one who hates his is a murderer’.
  • Cain’s deeds, activities and works were evil -> God overlooked Cain’s offering because of his heart.
    • That same evil heart beget jealousy over God’s acceptance of Abel’s offering.
    • Cain’s eyes were blinded to God’s reason for honoring Abel’s sacrifice over his own.

Verse 13: The counter statement would be – Be totally surprised if the world loved you.

  • Just as Cain, the world feels tacitly reproved by our good works.

Verse 14: When we love our brothers and sisters in Christ, we know that we have passed from this earthly spiritual death into life.

  • He who does not love their brother or sister remains and lives in death.
  • Love on our part is the evidence of our justification and regeneration; not the cause of them.
    • Don’t mind that your glory is still hidden when you search your heart and find love, that is your confidence.
    • Not unlike the plant during winter time, whose roots are full of vitality and vigor yet its leaves and branches will not spring forth until the summertime.

Verse 15: Hate == love not. There is no medium between the two. Love and hatred are like light and darkness.

  • Life and Death necessarily replace each other as well as exclude.
  • Indulging in hatred will lead to its natural consequences which is murder.
    • Whomever one hates, one wishes to be dead.
    • Such a one “abideth” in death, not the future state, but its present.
    • The person who hates (loves not) his brother cannot in this present state have eternal life abiding in him.

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