[Day 26] A Study of 1 John

Top Level Notes for 1 John 5:18-21

Verse 18: WE KNOW with absolute confidence that anyone born of God does not deliberately and knowingly practice committing sin.

  • Jesus within us carefully watches over us and protects us from evil.
  • The devil does not lay hold (get a grip) on him or touch him.

Verse 19: WE KNOW that we are of God. Everything around us is of and under the power/control of the evil one.

Verse 20: WE KNOW that Jesus has come into this world.

  • He has given us understanding and insight to perceive and recognize Him Who is True.
    • We are IN Him Who is True -> His Son Jesus Christ.
    • The True God and life eternal.

Verse 21: Keep yourself from anything that puts itself above God in your life (false idols)

  • Anything and everything that would occupy the place in your heart He alone deserves to inhabit.
  • From any substitute for Him that would take first place in your life.


  • WE KNOW – that true believers do not go on knowingly and deliberately sinning (practicing/committing).
  • WE KNOW – that we are OF GOD and no longer part of this world ruled by the power of satan.
  • WE KNOW – that our King, the Lord Jesus Christ, was sent by the Father to teach us about Himself and give us a model of righteousness and truth.
  • Keep NO idols in your life that replace the Lord in your life. Your idols and God cannot coexist in your heart.

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