[QTVOTD] God provides when He is our focus.

“I said of laughter, It is mad, and of pleasure, What does it accomplish?” Ecclesiastes 2:2 ->me: The writer of Ecclesiastes spends Chapter 1 on earthly wisdom without God and now almost all of Chapter 2 on the futility of laughter and pleasures with a horizon leveled only on what is ‘under the sun’. I have spent a good amount of time at lunch today reading the chapter and checking in on some commentaries on this chapter but it has been eating on me all day. I had the opportunity this morning to see God work in my life (my job actually) through dependence on Him. I needed to represent my boss and his PM (Program Manager) peer in a review of our group to the Technical Fellow who leads our Systems organization. I prepared what I needed but I regularly struggle with conciseness and brevity. Well I prayed intently before my meeting, laying it before the Lord and He delivered. I owe the success of my 30 minute read out to the room full of people and my Technical Fellow leader, entirely to the God of my life. I felt comfortable, I was calm, and He took care of my presentation. What if my only goal was achieving greatness through my own means, or joy through seeking the pleasures of this world, or just focusing on how I can do everything myself – It would lack the powerful joy received from giving glory to my King which is what I was designed to do. Ecclesiastes is helping me to see the real way to live this life….by putting my sights on a horizon that is outside/beyond the curvature of this earth.

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