[QTVOTD] Every door shut but FAITH…

“For who [limited to human wisdom] knows what is good for man in his life, all the days of his vain life which he spends as a shadow [going through the motions but accomplishing nothing]? For who can tell a man what will happen [to his work, his treasure, his plans] under the sun after he is gone?” Ecclesiastes 6:12 ->me: The Preacher is really driving home 2 points. 

  1. The ungodly have no clue what shall be after them or what will be the eternal events revealed from all the work they have done.
  2. The ungodly don’t really know what is “good” during this life. 

Men have no wisdom in themselves and there is no other earthly man they can receive help from.  The Preacher is essentially slamming every door but the door of faith.  Living by faith is the only answer – In he Preacher’s time Jesus had not come, the Holy Spirit had not been sent, and there was no access to God the Father except through ceremonial cleansing and atonement through sacrifices made by High Priests every year.  The Lord has given me so much in His Son, the gift of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and access to the Father through my Savior who sits at His right hand.  I have everything that can deliver me from the angst of the human condition!  Last but not least I have the Word of God that gives me a clear measuring stick for what is “good”.  The answer is clear – it is so obvious to me now why God included Ecclesiastes in the canon of His word.

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