[QTVOTD] Yes, the wise can become fools…

Ben’s QTVOTD – “Do not be quick in spirit to be angry or vexed, for anger and vexation lodge in the bosom of fools.” Ecclesiastes 7:9 ->me: Verses 7-9 discuss several different ways a wise man can become a fool.  1) He can use his influence and power to extort or oppress others. 2) He can become proud in spirit through a trial by not setting his sights on the outcome by asking “Why should I have to wait to see what You are going to do God?”  3) He can become so angry and exasperated that he becomes resentful.  In the bible, bosom represents the most inner part of a man.  These are great reminders for what to watch out for as I move forward in my hope for eternity.  I can see failures in my life today in each one of these warnings.  I must not only be respectful but also humble in areas of authority I am given, whether that be as a boss, husband, father, or spiritual leader.  I must remind myself that as a follower of Jesus, God works all of my trials and tribulations to an outcome of good.  I must be conscious of my tendency to become exasperated with my girls, insults that come my way, or frustrated by unmerited treatment.  Lord help me through Your Holy Spirit to be aware of these pitfalls so that I may have the opportunity to course correct.

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