[QTVOTD] Heed quiet wisdom…

Ben’s QTVOTD – “The words of wise men heard in quiet are better than the shouts of him who rules among fools.” Ecclesiastes 9:17 ->me: Strangely this verse is an affirmation of the way I try to operate in most circumstances. At work I am not typically the guy standing up in front of many people trying to influence in that way; I try to work behind the scenes as much as possible, to help others see a path forward. I am not saying I am the wise man but I did take away that we should listen to the quiet wisdom from those around us rather than follow the loudest voice in the room, on the Facebook feed, or in the media. I think this ends up being the person who is meek in spirit, not out for themselves, so the information or advice is more likely to be genuine. I really like the insight that true wisdom is not proud, true wisdom is gracious, and that true wisdom does not need an audience of many. As I ask for wisdom from the Lord, I pray that I will have the meekness and humility to be that quiet wisdom heard in the quiet. I also pray that this is the wisdom that I seek out from others. That the Lord would give me the discernment to know the quiet wise ones He has put in my life and add weight to the learnings from those individuals.

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