[QTVOTD] Don’t need to make sense of everything…

“His feet glowed like burnished (bright) bronze as it is refined in a furnace, and His voice was like the sound of many waters.” Revelation 1:15 ->me: This verse might seem random but of the 3 verses I spent time on today (each verse has so much to be studied!) this one helped me to see an application that the Lord has for me to move forward with.  As I was looking up explanations of the ‘feet…like burnished (bright)bronze as refined in a furnace’ there were many theories and tries at explanation of this Greek word ‘chalkolibanon’.  It is never used before this point in scripture and the only other time is in 2:18.  In both places the context given is not enough for us to confidently arrive at an interpretation.  CHALKOS = copper | LIBANON = frankincense…hardly any alloy that we can think of (even though most interpretations of the bible give us Burnished Bronze.  The only clue we have is that ‘it is refined in a furnace’ meaning that it is likely metallic.  At this point you are probably saying the same thing I am…”why does it matter?”  Through my study today I felt the Lord telling me that I didn’t need to know and it is not pivotal to defining my theology…at least not yet.  So I learned today that it is ok not to understand everything that John writes in this book.  He not only is trying to recount what he saw using human and earthly descriptions but also, in some cases, he might have been writing down verbatim what God or an angel told Him to.  I will have all eternity to ask for the meaning of various symbolisms and words used in God’s book.  Until then I will rest in the leanings of the Spirit within me and not get bogged down in the mysteries.

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