[QTVOTD] Prayer is the way…

“Then I looked, and I heard the voices of many angels on every side of the throne and of the living creatures and the elders [of the heavenly Sanhedrin], and they numbered ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands, saying in a loud voice, Deserving is the Lamb, Who was sacrificed, to receive all the power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and majesty (glory, splendor) and blessing!” Revelation 5:11-12 ->me: Oh how I missed my quiet time. Yesterday kind of got away from me with prep for our Life Group and the business of 2 doctor’s appointments – It’s become so clear how important God’s word is to me daily…but also just as important has been prayer. This week I challenged my Life Group men to find a quiet dark place in their home (closet) to deliberately and seriously pray; giving God unadulterated time with Him and with Him as the focus. When I finished up chapter 5 today this verse calling out all the things ‘the Lamb’ received by ‘enduring on the cross and scorning it’s shame’. I plan to add this to my daily prayer closet prayers this week->expounding on His Power, Riches, Wisdom, Might, Honor, Majesty, and Blessing (notice there are 7?). I told my guys to start their prayers acknowledging Who God is, what He has done, and His greatness->then ask for forgiveness of unconfessed sin->finally ask God to change them from the inside out and open their ears and eyes to be able to absorb the Word and respond in application. “I assert confidently that the principal means by which most believers have become great in the Church of Christ is the habit of diligent private prayer.” JC Ryle

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