[QTVOTD] Tight to faith, loose to earthly resources…

“Here [comes in a call for] the steadfastness of the saints [the patience, the endurance of the people of God], those who [habitually] keep God’s commandments and [their] faith in Jesus.  Then I heard further [perceiving the distinct words of] a voice from heaven, saying, Write this: Blessed (happy, to be envied) are the dead from now on who die in the Lord! Yes, blessed (happy, to be envied indeed), says the Spirit, [in] that they may rest from their labors, for their works (deeds) do follow (attend, accompany) them!” Revelation 14:12-13 ->me: I have said in previous QTVOTDs, I am meeting monthly with a group of men (13 of us), where we discuss study topics and support each other’s growth in Christ.  This month we are reading “The Treasure Principle” by Randy Alcorn.  These verses really spoke to me and support the assertions Randy makes in his book…that we take no material achievement with us into eternity.  What we do take is works (deeds) done through faith.  What we want to do while we are here is to build up and send forward treasures (deeds).  One of those ways is to give money, another is give time, and yet another is give spiritual/emotional support.  If at some point the Lord blesses me by taking me home, will I feel good about the things (deeds) I am bringing with me?  Will my U-Haul be full?  This is yet another confirmation by the Lord…now through my quiet time…that I have so much, I can, and need to do.  Lord, help me to hold firm to my faith and hope in Eternity, and let go of the earthly resources, You have put in my charge, that need to flow to the places You need them.

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