[QTVOTD] Heart not head…

“And they [evil frog spirits] gathered them [kings/rulers and their followers] together at the place which in Hebrew is called Armageddon.  Then the seventh [angel] emptied out his bowl into the air, and a mighty voice came out of the sanctuary of heaven from the throne [of God], saying, It is done! [It is all over, it is all accomplished, it has come!]” Revelation 16:16-17 ->me: Couple of things were impressed upon me from this last passage of chapter 16.  1) That no matter how strong the forces of evil may appear, and however hopeless the position of those of good, God will win the victory.  He will resoundingly overthrow evil.  2) Humans will curse God until the very very end.  In the last verse of this chapter John says that he saw hailstones the size 100lbs boulders falling on people and that those who were still alive blasphemed and cursed God because the torture of the hailstorm was so great.  I sincerely hope to be gone when this happens.  Even God and the heavenly hosts say that it will be better to have died than to be on the earth when the horsemen, trumpets, and bowls are unleashed.  This is one of those passages that left my mind fighting for an application to my life.  I will say that last night I used the transforming condition of my heart to help me make a decision, in regards to work, and I can’t describe to you the peace I have knowing where the Lord has brought me in my continuing sanctification.  I let my heart decide…not my mind.  Logic was telling me that it was too risky; my heart told me this was the path on which the waterfall of God’s grace, mercy, and blessing was flowing.

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