[QTVOTD] The Huge City!!

“The city lies in a square, its length being the same as its width. And he measured the city with his reed—12,000 stadia (about 1,500 miles); its length and width and height are the same.  He measured its wall also—144 cubits (about 72 yards) by a man’s measure [of a cubit from his elbow to his third fingertip], which is [the measure] of the angel.” Revelation 21:16-17 ->me: I found this passage really interesting today.  I did some research and found that the New Jerusalem would cover roughly 80% of the United States and 96% of the city would be in space (since the atmosphere is only 62 miles from sea level).  The city and the wall must be separate since the wall is only 72 yards tall.  The wall is not a defensive measure since there are no adversaries of the Lord at this point; it is for keeping out those whose name are NOT written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.   So, does that mean that there will people not in the lake of fire but also not in the New Jerusalem?  If any of you have done research and have thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them.  To be clear, this is not a stumbling block for me; I am simply curious.  I feel confident in my Salvation and cannot wait to see the City of God for myself.

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